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Empire Admin -> High-Res Star Trek Into Darkness Stills (8/4/2013 2:16:09 PM)

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paulmitchell -> Nothing new (8/4/2013 2:16:09 PM)

Seen em,Seen em,Seen em,Seen em,Seen em,hang on,hi res?Seen em,

AlWill -> Chekov in red?? (8/4/2013 3:12:10 PM)

Don't remember Chekov in a red uniform in the TV series. Is this JJ's way of explaining why Chekov wasn't on the Bridge when Khan was on board???

cawykes -> Psionics (8/4/2013 4:32:44 PM)

I've convinced myself now that he is not Khan and that the movie is based on the Where No Man Has Gone Before episode.

the_equalizer -> Uhura (8/4/2013 4:34:29 PM)

I may be mistaken, but I'm convinced that is a Klingon disruptor that she's holding.

NeoBrowser -> RE: High-Res Star Trek Into Darkness Stills (9/4/2013 3:59:36 AM)

I'm convinced this is an entirely unique story (as the 2009 Star Trek was), and not based on the old 1960s show.

Totally new timeline remember?

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