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Empire Admin -> Jameson Empire Awards 2013: Live (24/3/2013 7:41:19 PM)

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bb -> I am VERY disappointed with you voters (24/3/2013 7:41:19 PM)

This is just as bad as last year's awards. For example, have any of you idiots seen their ratings on Rotten Tomatoes?! THE HOBBIT has only got 65% fresh, while AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES are higher! I don't mind SKYFALL winning, but I've excepted more from you morons! If next year's is even bad, I am NEVER going to submit my votes for the Empire Awards EVER again. You're as bad as the Oscar voters.

dreddhead -> RE: Jameson Empire Awards 2013: Live (24/3/2013 8:40:53 PM)

Well done Dredd!

Nice to see the film getting some much deserved recognition.

It was the best film of last year in my opinion. It deserved to win in the best British film or Sci-Fi/Fantasy film category, but an award for it superb 3D cinematography from visionary Anthony Dod Mantle is richly deserved and all involved in the film should be justly proud.

jackcarter -> RE: Jameson Empire Awards 2013: Live (24/3/2013 8:47:21 PM)

wow no DKR wins

steverogers5 -> (25/3/2013 12:38:18 AM)

Nice to see Samantha Barks finally getting some love. She was, by far, the best singer in Les Miserables! Her performance really broke my heart, and was amazing to see on the big screen..(And Hugh Jackman was pretty good as well..)

Furthermore Martin Freeman was excellent as Bilbo in The Hobbit. (Much better than Ian Holm IMHO) And I certainly can't argue with Jennifer Lawrence winning again for Silver Linings Playbook. As she absolutely owns that film from the moment she comes on screen!

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