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Empire Admin -> Bond 24 Set For Release Within 3 Years (20/3/2013 12:57:07 PM)

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spark1 -> Shame (20/3/2013 12:57:07 PM)

was hoping they would get back to the 2 year cycle of filming/releasing bond but things are probably more complicated behind the scenes now.

Manfrendshensindshen -> (20/3/2013 1:05:29 PM)

I'd rather have them taking their time with the next movie. Bonds produced on an assembly line haven't usually been the most satisfying (see later Moore Bonds/TMD & TWINE). QOS also suffered from having been rushed through production.

TheBladeRunner -> Makes sense (20/3/2013 3:11:04 PM)

Quality not quantity is always best, as I keep telling the wife...

Chris Nolan to direct please. A Nolan "trilogy" unfolding over the next 10 years would be perfect

paulmitchell -> No brainer (20/3/2013 3:41:28 PM)

NOLAN,NOLAN,NOLAN,NOLAN.i would also like to see the return of jaws in some form.

Drew_231 -> RE: No brainer (20/3/2013 3:56:28 PM)

Nolans already made a Bond film guys

It was called Inception remember

I cant think of anyone better than Matthew Vaughn

What about Alfonso Cuaron though? that could be a very interesting, if very left field choice

chris wootton -> Sick to death of hearing NOLAN NOLAN NOLAN (20/3/2013 4:06:54 PM)

Anyone else will do.. even Pauly Shore

TheBladeRunner -> @Drew_231 and chris wootton (20/3/2013 4:24:18 PM)

@Drew_231 - Inception is, er, Inception; a sci-fi movie involving, to some extent, time travel. Just because it has Bond-esque set-pieces it doesn't make it a "Bond movie" or even close. More than anything it hints at how Nolan could take Bond staples and use them within his own, newly-defined Bond universe (which I'm sure won't involve falling asleep in order to steal secrets!)
@chris wootton - Why on earth not?! One of the best directors of his generation, currently in the form of his life. Oh, and he's a massive fan of Bond movies

chris wootton -> RE: @Drew_231 and chris wootton (20/3/2013 5:14:59 PM)

Really? Did you not think that the Dark Knight Rises was a bit... shit? I loved Inception and agree that it's not a Bond movie.. I'm just sick of hearing his name attached to every single project.. don't tell me.. Jennifer Lawrence as the Bond girl?

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