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Empire Admin -> Another Escape From New York? (19/3/2013 8:31:47 AM)

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sirvolkar -> A Better Idea (19/3/2013 8:31:47 AM)

Dear, Hollywood,

Please don't bother. Save yourself the hassle and just go and make Lockout 2. It was pretty much a reimagining of this classic anyway, and it introduced us to one of the most entertaining (and unexpected) action leads in years - Guy Pearce!

spark1 -> Safe Pair Of Hands (19/3/2013 10:08:41 AM)

at least mr silver is in charge.

he has a good track record with SF and may do well picking the director and cast.

chris wootton -> (19/3/2013 11:07:37 AM)

Could work, Escape from New York is fantastic but at the same time quite flawed (especially in the pacing) as a movie.. I'd watch it

bradcam72 -> Again with the scabs... (19/3/2013 12:16:30 PM)

Please Hollywood, some classic films are like scabs; they should be left well alone.

TheUKCrazyhorse -> (19/3/2013 12:30:42 PM)

Could be quite cool - always wondered about the backstory for Snake.

carlson -> (20/3/2013 2:27:49 AM)

Hmmm another remake I guess it depends on how good usually i prefer original stuff but if they make it I'll give it a look.

Mr Gittes -> (20/3/2013 12:51:56 PM)

I'm not gonna go all "Oh, another shitey Hollywood remake!" because every so often you get a good one. It just all depends on who makes it, and Silver's involvement is making things look a little brighter to me. BUT...who the hell is gonna play Snake Plissken? I can't really think of anyone who could replace good old Kurt.

BenTramer -> "I Know What You Assholes Are Lookin' At, But It's Not The President" (26/3/2013 10:58:32 PM)

Escape From New York could be improved upon. The first half hour is great but once Snake lands in New York, it quickly loses it's way (especially that godawful dance number with the convicts in drag that kills any tension there was.) Some of it is very dated now also. A remake might not be a bad idea.

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