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How far would you go to emulate your idols? Hero worship taken to the nth degree. The sterile future world which is presented here (in a very matter of fact kind of way) isn’t that much far removed from our own and there are times where you really have to pay attention to what all the characters are saying as many of the plot points aren’t sign posted. Distantly reserved, coldly intelligent and about as entertaining as a trip to the dentist, Antiviral is a notable film debut from Cronenberg Junior. BUT be warned: this isn’t a movie about light and dark, good guys and bad guys and nor is it a traditional crowd pleaser. And you might start puking up at the grisly sight of other people constantly puking up all their blood and intestines by the films end. The old fashioned body horror is still there all well and intact (as you’d expect) and the script is a total original with some interesting ideas that are perhaps never quite fully fleshed out. If truth be told, I actually still prefer his dad’s earlier work but Antiviral is still worth a look as long as you’re a fan of the grotesque and not expecting any laughs. THREE STARS

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