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Empire Admin -> Dave Bautista Is Drax The Destroyer (15/3/2013 1:30:19 PM)

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kirk -> Lotta hate on the web for him... (15/3/2013 1:30:19 PM)

Shame really....I think he'll be fine...like The Rock he's there for the big fights and to look mean as hell without the awful CGI effects or bad rubber muscle suits...(Remember Vinnie 'I'm the Juggernaut bitch' Jones)

All in all this has me intrigued....James Gunn...Legend..
Chris Pratt was a left field choice like Chris Hemsworth....
In Marvel we trust?

Guinevere -> (15/3/2013 1:55:42 PM)

Hmm, I really think they need some big names to get involved with this. More alien-type figures are hard to sell and they're gonna need a lot more star weight than a fairly unknown ex-wrestler

marcus_fuller -> RE: (15/3/2013 7:58:41 PM)

You mean like in Star Wars: A New Hope...?

Guinevere -> RE: RE: (15/3/2013 9:21:25 PM)

... which was 36 years ago, yep, I'm sure the market's still exactly the same

danielthompson99 -> Drax looks like a Dave (17/3/2013 4:08:26 PM)

Bring on the Groot & Rocket Racoon !

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