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Empire Admin -> Jurassic Park 4 Snares Colin Trevorrow (14/3/2013 9:42:33 PM)

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weekendatbernies -> (14/3/2013 9:42:33 PM)

Good luck to him. I enjoyed Safety, and the original JP is one of my favourites of all time.

Interested to see what new direction this goes in... hopefully not the 'evolved dinos with guns' mock ups we saw a few years ago....

billypunk -> (14/3/2013 9:58:28 PM)

What are the chances of him casting Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson? It would be awesome to see them in a big blockbuster.

TPM007 -> Interesting... (15/3/2013 1:32:35 PM)

I certainly hope it comes up with something original and reminiscent of the first film. Hopefully Trevorrow's hiring isn't a sign that the studios want a cheap director and a quick and easy buck made ala Die Hard 5

Letattz -> (16/3/2013 9:52:21 AM)

What else can they realistically do with this franchise, that won't in some way be a replication of parts of the last three films? We all know this will be a 2/3 star film that will be marketed within an inch of its life. Will definitely see the 3D first film as it is a classic.

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