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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Sam Mendes Is Off Bond 24 (6/3/2013 11:00:20 AM)

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shadozfest -> (6/3/2013 11:00:20 AM)

He's gonna be a tough act to follow

Whistler -> (6/3/2013 11:40:17 AM)

It's completely understandable. The amount of pressure that would be on him to equal if not better Skyfall would be ridiculous, just like one of the reasons Peter Jackson didn't want to direct The Hobbit in the first place. If he does return after a few like Campbell from Goldeneye to Casino Royale, the 'Mendes hype' might have died down to a point where he can come back into the franchise with a fresh head and make the film he wants to make, with substantially less pressure.

Palmer_zan -> (6/3/2013 11:42:03 AM)

Chris Nolan anyone??

VwikusM -> (6/3/2013 11:58:54 AM)

Let Ralph Fiennes direct it.

Nicky C -> Someone always says 'Nolan', but ... (6/3/2013 12:01:32 PM)

... personally I think Bond is at his best when he's emotional. That's when he's at his most dangerous. Nolan is wonderful but his movies are becoming great feats of engineering, like watching the gears of a Swiss watch. Fascinating to look at and definitely worth returning to, but lacking in humanity. My vote? Ben Affleck, of course. He's the man of the moment and Bond would be in his genre of crime plots and human drama. Obvious choice, but the right choice, and that's what counts.

Workshed -> Not surprised. (6/3/2013 12:02:50 PM)

It would be foolhardy for Mendes to follow this up as he resided the bar impossibly high for himself. It almost certainly won’t make as much at the box office either as the culmination of the Olympics and the 50th anniversary really helped contribute towards the patriotism and enthusiasm for Bond.

Skyfall was a great entry into the Bond cannon but I’d like to see someone else tackle the franchise. Although I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t The Best Bond Ever.

Martin Campbell, although not the most imaginative choice, would be a very safe pair of hands and afterall, he made the best bond films of the last 20 years, Goldeneye and Casino Royale (The Actual Best Bond Ever)

bradcam72 -> (6/3/2013 12:06:00 PM)

I think Kathryn Bigelow would be a good choice.

Primus -> Rupert Wyatt... (6/3/2013 12:10:19 PM)

...has just dropped out of The Equalizer adaptation. 'Nuff said?

cunningmunki -> Bond's New Clothes (6/3/2013 12:16:34 PM)

Good, I'm glad. Skyfall has to be one of the most overrated films in recent years. It was good, but no where near as good as the praise it receives, and I believe this was, in part, due to that fact it was directed by a 'respected' director such as Mendes, so all the critics had their rose-tinted glasses on. As for the public reaction? Well, just look at Transformers 3.

Primus -> Rupert Wyatt... (6/3/2013 12:17:03 PM)


ChesterCopperpot -> Gareth Evans (6/3/2013 12:19:31 PM)

The Raid cost $1.1m. Skyfall cost $200m.

That is all.

stucy -> Skyfall was good (6/3/2013 12:31:12 PM)

but it wasn't great. I didn't get a chance to watch it until recently and was a bit disappointed. I loved the retro touches and would love to see a 60's feel in modern day. For me Casino Royale was better. I'd like to see Tarantino have a go! I kinda like the idea of revisiting an old Bond movie like The man with the golden gun and re-doing it.

Ulmaceae -> RE: Skyfall was good (6/3/2013 12:46:37 PM)

Paul McGuigan. His episodes of Sherlock are superb

seven28uk -> I 2nd the Gareth Evans vote! (6/3/2013 12:54:42 PM)

Loved The Raid, best action film in years.

ericcoyle -> Is Skyfall really so great (6/3/2013 1:10:50 PM)

Just to add to some of the other comments....is Skyfall really that much better than Casino Royale? Or is it that it came after such an absolute turkey as QofS? To be honest it isn't as good as On Her Majesty's secret Service, the only Bond to feature a genuine romance and the only film where Bond seems genuinely in jeopardy, at times seeming lost for an escape and wondering where to turn. I think they would be better off remaking that or at least having some real female characters for once.

mjj -> Probably a good thing (6/3/2013 1:34:52 PM)

Great as Skyfall was, I think that having him back straightaway wouold be a mistake. The Bond films occasionally get themselves into a creative rut and the series thrives on change and renewal. I think the producers should allow a gap of at least 2 films before re-using a director.The Spy Who Loved Me was followed by Moonraker, which used the same director and writer ( and pretty much the same plot) with much less success. Guy Hamilton and Tom Manckewiz did 3 films on the trot, which resulted in the fairly disastrous The Man With The Golden Gun. And as for letting John Glen direct 5 films in a row...He must have been doing them in his sleep by the time of Licence to Kill...which bombed.. See the pattern?

JimmyThe Saint -> (6/3/2013 1:38:35 PM)

Danny Boyle, Paul Greengrass or Duncan Jones

burtbondy -> Farewel. No Loss. (6/3/2013 1:59:03 PM)

He didn't bring anything fresh or even a unique identity to it. It was made just like all the others. If i didn't know any better it could of been made by anybody. On top of that it was a poor Bond movie. Weak story and it felt like more of a reboot the Casino Royal.

ciarandunne9 -> (6/3/2013 2:04:47 PM)

Matthew Vaughn or Danny Boyle please...

ciarandunne9 -> (6/3/2013 2:06:36 PM)

Matthew Vaughn or Danny Boyle please...

FoxDhoj -> Well that sucks (6/3/2013 2:48:17 PM)

I was looking forward to a follow-up. And after Skyfall, he's the most bankable director they could've gone with. That is, unless they can snag either Chris Nolan or Danny Boyle, both ideal directors for the franchise.

jimbojofre -> Matthew Vaughn (6/3/2013 2:49:11 PM)

It has to be him! He's only producing the Kick-Ass and X-Men sequels and he ain't doing Star Wars so he'll have some free time. Fassbender's Magneto was played like 007 and Vaughn got that style spot on. I think he'd make a marvelous Bond film.

leroythemasochist -> Matthew Vaughn (6/3/2013 2:56:21 PM)

Just watched XMen 1st Class and it towers over any of the others.
KIck Ass... kicked!
He's just damn good and given the Bond toybox I think he could do great things.
As for the Mendes/Skyfall hates - you have your beliefs and I'll have mine. Personally I think Skyfall was incredible and a big old slap in the face for any other action/adventure movie out there.
Bond is still on top - just where he likes to be (please raise a single eyebrow now)

darthmax1 -> Get a director who understands what it is to be British (6/3/2013 3:11:01 PM)

Loved what Mendes did with Skyfall as did most of the world. Get Danny Boyle to do the next one. He's an incredibly talented Oscar-winning filmmaker AND has innate understanding of what makes the UK proud. Bond is a British icon and Boyle would know this.

Mr Gittes -> RE: Get a director who understands what it is to be British (6/3/2013 3:40:01 PM)

Seconded. Boyle would be a great choice.

FoxDhoj -> RE: Get a director who understands what it is to be British (6/3/2013 3:46:42 PM)

Thirdeded, although I wouldn't say no to Nolan either, both would do a fine job. Nolan has been itching to make a Bond film (see: Inception) and the only trouble with Boyle is his hesitance to deal with big budgets (The Beach) - saying that, he did make Slumdog into a huge film, but for me it ruined it a bit. The story felt like, to quote Mr Baggins, butter scraped over too much bread. But Bond is a whole world in itself, and maybe Boyle could do something with that. It feels like Boyle's trying to make smaller stories at the moment - considering 127 Hours and Trance - but maybe he could bring it up a notch for a Skyfall sequel?

UTB -> RE: Get a director who understands what it is to be British (6/3/2013 4:09:54 PM)

Tomas Alfredson please.

MonsterCat -> RE: Exclusive: Sam Mendes Is Off Bond 24 (6/3/2013 4:11:24 PM)

Joe Wright could do it.

Blyman -> Campbell Hatrick (6/3/2013 4:28:36 PM)

GoldenEye and Casino Royale - two awesome Bond Films, get Campbell back to complete his hatrick. Say what you want about Skyfall, the action was pretty unmemorable. Bond is all about the setpieces so more punchy less talky next time I say.

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