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Empire Admin -> Spielberg Developing Kubrick's Napoleon (4/3/2013 11:45:32 AM)

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monodogg83 -> (4/3/2013 11:45:32 AM)

I'd watch it

rogerebert -> (4/3/2013 12:52:58 PM)

Me too

jake.90 -> (4/3/2013 12:56:55 PM)

Sod Jurassic park IV and focus completely on this!

BenTramer -> (4/3/2013 1:02:47 PM)

Kubrick wanted Jack Nicholson to play Napoleon. They'll probably get Christian Slater now, ha ha.

herdist96 -> I would watch it! (4/3/2013 3:42:41 PM)

haranjen -> Me's a moi moi happy (4/3/2013 8:52:58 PM)

Now Lucas has some free time on his hands get him involved too, then Nicholson can be in it but made young by ILM.
3 Legendary directors together at last - only 1 of which who knew when to call it a day.

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