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Empire Admin -> Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters (27/2/2013 5:56:23 PM)

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Whistler -> (27/2/2013 5:56:23 PM)

This surprised me, I actually had a pretty good time. Having an entire IMAX screen to myself helped.

dseys -> RE: Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters (27/2/2013 8:08:10 PM)

This also surprised me. Thought you would've given 1/5. Usually i enjoy gory B-movies with silly premises, but this was just TOO bad. Worst movie i've seen this year. Even worse than Die Hard 5!

Normal Control -> star rating? (27/2/2013 8:16:48 PM)

below me there are two star ratings given by posters. One poster gives 3 stars, the other gives 1 star. But the average user star rating shown at the moment is 3 stars. How does that work? Shouldn't it be 2 stars?

TheMightyBlackout -> I'm pretty sure I quite enjoyed some of it. (27/2/2013 10:47:33 PM)

Some nifty looking sets, costumes and props sit uncomfortably with a plot so linear and mechanical, you could set your watch by it. It's quite good fun, but that's all; not as clever or knowing as it'd like to be, and it's played its best hand in this one film.

I was expecting a lot less from Hansel & Gretel, but I feel like it should have been so much more.

bretty -> Pretty poor (28/2/2013 9:50:22 PM)

Arterton's arse in leather is the only highlight in this. It's just a mess with no heart, lots of nonsense in the woods including them not remembering where they grew up! Looked and felt like a TV movie.

MusicLovesYou -> Why do they keep bodging up what could have been so much fun?!?! (1/3/2013 9:43:16 AM)

Van Helsing, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and now this. It's not an absolute clanger by any means, but it could have been delirious fun. Instead it's just a bit shit. Bretty is bang on the money about Gemma Arterton's arse in leather. Jeremy Renner's isn't bad either. He must work out.

dseys -> RE: Why do they keep bodging up what could have been so much fun?!?! (1/3/2013 10:09:30 AM)

The production value in Abraham Lincoln was perfect. Visually speaking, i found Abraham Lincoln very good. This wasn't the case with Hansel & Gretel, which is just awful. Looks like a TV movie. Where the hell did the 60M$ go??

Scorpion Jacket -> Shallow? No, just appreciative of the male form. (1/3/2013 4:03:49 PM)

Shallow though I'll sound (it's just not true; I'm an art house/indie/world cinema junkie) the most exciting part of this movie was seeing JRen without his shirt. This role's beneath him though. He's too intense an actor to prat around with trolls and witches. The movie's too violent and sweary for little people but there's not enough plot-wise for adults. Still, if it's this or Snow White and the Huntsman pick this. It's shorter and there are no irritating "comedic" dwarves.

tysmuse -> no no no (4/3/2013 12:32:04 AM)

If there's another film this year that's more ill-conceived and poorly executed than this (Die Hard 5 doesn't count as it came out already!) then I'll be super surprised. ONE STAR. Come on Empire. Stop being whimps.

No Diggity -> RE: no no no (5/3/2013 2:43:33 PM)

there wasn't one surprise in this....flat from start to finish...miscast, & did they borrow the witches outfits from some goth warehouse...not as bad as die hard5,,,which some posters have mentioned above,,,,but they had a concept which they could have wrung some fun from...not a risk in sight...

Dr Lenera -> RE: no no no (7/3/2013 6:52:54 PM)

Nonsense maybe, and visually not too interesting, but a hell of a lot of fun with its tongue firmly in its cheek. Uses 3D as the silly gimmick it is.

FutureProofed85 -> RE: no no no (11/3/2013 12:24:56 AM)

I thought it was a cool film, but I still think the best version of it I've seen is the Korean one. It has such an original take. Well worth a watch too.

CRUNT -> RE: no no no (8/5/2013 4:04:28 PM)

Utter shite

fatboycheese -> (30/6/2013 9:55:41 AM)

You know what. I actually enjoyed it!

ZoeHall -> well.... (16/7/2013 4:15:03 PM)

Well that escalated quickly.....

I actually enjoyed the film!

movienut707 -> "The only good witch is a dead witch." (4/10/2013 2:57:44 AM)

Oddly enough, the one thing that rather sets this film apart from similar fairy tales - that being the excessive amount of gore - is also what sends you away with a bad taste in your mouth. Violent to the last frame (sometimes unpleasantly so), Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters suffers from a dull set-up, clunky narrative and prevailing lack of imagination. Its one redeeming quality just might be a sympathetic troll named Edward... and that's not saying a whole lot.

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