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Empire Admin -> Grahame-Smith Rewriting Fantastic Four (27/2/2013 6:19:20 AM)

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Blergy -> Just a polish (27/2/2013 6:19:20 AM)

Eh, if you actually read the HR article it's just a polish not a rewrite. So, FF won't suck. No real story here.

If he was rewriting it, then I'd be worried.

tallaght24 -> Nooooo. (27/2/2013 7:17:28 AM)

No Seth, don't bother with this. Crack on with Beetlejuice 2!

ericcoyle -> Comedy Four? (27/2/2013 1:04:31 PM)

Why do cretins like Empire keep going on about F.F being "light hearted"etc? What rubbish! The early FF is full of angst and danger and threat of world staggering proportions. The director of the first two was an imbecile who couldn't direct his way out of a wet paper bag. He reduced Galactus (possibly the most iconic villain in all comic books) to a cloud for God's sake. What a moron. The films were cheap looking, had unimaginative effects and completely wasted the Silver Surfer, spoiling him for other films to come. He looked pretty cool when it was Doug Jones in prosphetics though.
Josh Trank showed what a super hero film could be with Chronicle and we can only hope he can do it again with the FF (CGI Thing please).

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