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film man aidy -> Issue 287 (25/2/2013 10:41:14 PM)

Star trek Into Darkness on cover. Ultimate JJ Abrams special. Full story on the new Trek, features on the cast & crew, an insider's look at Bad Robot, secret history of Lost, and a world exclusive Abrams interview (presumably teasing episode VII), special subscriber cover. Out on 28th March. For full details see P31 of issue 286.

dseys -> RE: Issue 287 (26/2/2013 9:59:55 AM)

There are LOTS of exciting movies coming out (Oblivion, Pain and Gain, Pacific Rim, Kick-Ass 2,...) but Empire prefers to give Star Trek TWO covers?? Sure every movie can't have his own cover, but i'd be happy if there were 12 different covers a year.

Plus, the hype surrounding Star Trek isn't that huge... i feel you are forcing it a little bit.

luccewada -> RE: Issue 287 (27/2/2013 6:47:31 PM)

I think giving STiD two covers is absolutely ridiculous, but I thought the same about Skyfall, and that turned out to be the biggest movie in the UK ever! Plus, i'd rather see more pretty pictures of Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana et al than a stupid Hobbit cover. As long as Super 8 isn't called a 'masterpiece' inside, i'll buy it!

dseys -> RE: Issue 287 (27/2/2013 8:12:27 PM)


ORIGINAL: luccewada

than a stupid Hobbit cover

It's only a matter of time. I'm pretty sure we'll get 2 Hobbit covers too. I hope i'm wrong though :)

Mr Gittes -> RE: Issue 287 (20/3/2013 2:55:11 PM)

It's the big sequels - or prequels, or spin-offs etc - that will hog up most of the main covers. Whilst that doesn't rule out Kick-Ass 2, it would explain the absence of movies like Oblivion so far.

bereski -> RE: Issue 287 (22/3/2013 9:25:30 PM)

Mr Gittes -> RE: Issue 287 (22/3/2013 9:54:44 PM)

Well, there you go.

film man aidy -> RE: Issue 287 (23/3/2013 2:06:53 PM)

I approve of the new cover. But as someone else has pointed out, do tentpole releases really have to hog two covers a piece? There are more than six films out a year deserving of a cover feature surely?

jackcarter -> RE: Issue 287 (24/3/2013 8:59:40 PM)

abit like the SW Vanity Fair covers - just think in 24 months there will be a similar cover except instead of JJ, Kirk 2.0, Spock 2.0, Bones 2.0 etc it will be JJ, Luke 1.0, Han 1.0, Leia 1.0 etc

musht -> RE: Issue 287 (28/3/2013 5:48:54 PM)

I'm presuming the fact he got the SW gig had a huge influence on this issue

luccewada -> RE: Issue 287 (29/3/2013 8:50:08 AM)

It said in last issue's promo that there would be a 'special subscriber's cover', but the subscriber's cover is EXACTLY THE SAME, just with a few lines of text removed! Great issue, however. Loved the STID, Lost and X-Men articles.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: Issue 287 (2/4/2013 2:37:11 PM)

I remember a time when we had a thread on here about whether Empire would ever have Trek on its cover.

BudBaxter -> RE: Issue 287 (3/4/2013 11:01:33 AM)


ORIGINAL: Rgirvan44

I remember a time when we had a thread on here about whether Empire would ever have Trek on its cover.

It's not too hard to remember - it's only 2 threads below this one! [:D]

Skiba -> RE: Issue 287 (17/4/2013 9:52:55 AM)

Geeky pedant alert! There's a pic on page 92 of of some of the Enterprise crew with a large-ish white object hanging...the caption reads "A new space coffin...maybe?" Now, it has 'PHOT1093' written on it so that's surely a photon torpedo?

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