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etang77 -> iPad edition Suggestions (20/2/2013 4:10:35 AM)

I've subscribed from the digital edition from day 1. And lately I'm reading some back issues, and noticed there are lot of reviews of films that interests me, that I have not yet watch and would like to watch. But the problem for me is, there might be a few that I would like to watch, and adding to the amount of back issues I'm trying to catch up on there are loads of films to watch.

I'm sure most people who reads your magazine, will have a imdb account (it doesn't has to be link to imdb), but I think being a digital version, couldn't there be an option, so pressing the title will add the film to your own imdb watch list or even simpler, just add the film title to note or some sort, to save me either having to exit the app to go to another app manually, or the old fashion way of grabbing a pen and paper?

pendlebum -> RE: iPad edition Suggestions (20/2/2013 7:57:09 AM)

I'll second that!

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