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Empire Admin -> Rupert Wyatt May Call The Equalizer (19/2/2013 8:22:32 PM)

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Resurgam 2566 -> Denzel......very good actor but naaaaahhhhh!! (19/2/2013 8:22:32 PM)

One of the finest things about The Equalizer was the link between Woodward's McCall character and Callan. Edward Woodward was outstanding in the role and The Equalizer almost worked as an unofficial spin off. Denzel clearly has acting chops, but this sounds like a reboot of Man On Fire. Locked in or not, frankly Denzel is miscast and this version sounds like it's going to be a mishmash between the aforementioned film and The Punisher. In my opinion and (bearing in mind his permanent reluctance at taking lead roles) if he could have been persuaded to take it, Rupert Everett would have been my choice. He's approaching the right age, looks suitably worn, has superb range and is British. Ah well,.....looks like another American remake fuck up in the making!!!

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