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Voyagedanslagalaxie -> How far do you think that Science Fiction has supported the Anime medium? (19/2/2013 5:18:29 PM)

How far do you think Science Fiction and Anime have come to support each other?
This is admittedly something I have to do for my FM3 Small Scale Research Project in college, but the project requires me to get opinions from others knowledgeable in this area, and I was directed to this site by my teacher. So thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated!

As per the forum guidelines, I'll offer my thoughts:
I think that the genres have aided each other significantly. When Osamu Tezuka came out with his most famous work 'Astro Boy', many anime series and films since then have taken to science fiction such as 'Phoenix 2772' and 'Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind' as the genre and its conventions offer many possibilities than can be adapted on to the screen with ink. Science fiction was and still is a genre useful in portraying the ideologies and cultural influences of the time, and films like 'Akira' have made much use of it. Speaking of 'Akira', the 1988 cyberpunk film of psychic powers, drugs, juvenile delinquents and an unnerving vision of the future has been one of the most important films in anime and animation history for challenging the boundaries of animation, as evidence against animation being suitable only as a children's medium. Contrary to notable preceding anime sci-fis which optimistically demonstrated scientific progress, 'Akira' challenged the boundaries of animation and manga with its portrayal of violence, drugs and political unrest.
As for what anime has done for science-fiction, a notable example would be the way in which the high-quality visuals of 'Ghost in the Shell' (1995) played a great role in the inspiration of the Wachowski Brothers' film 'The Matrix' (1999), as did 'Paprika' (2006) for Christopher Nolan in creating 'Inception' (2011) Western interest in anime (and manga) has been increasing since Osamu Tezuka's success with 'Astroboy', and I strongly believe that the increasing awareness of anime in Western culture will continue the potential for its aesthetic and theatrical influence on cinema.

I am still in the process of researching, but here are the sources I have compiled so far:
'Cinema: The Full Story' Phillip Kemp

Well, I hope this topic is of interest to anyone out there. Thank you in advance :)

BoDixen -> RE: How far do you think that Science Fiction has supported the Anime medium? (20/2/2013 10:57:18 PM)

It's a strange comparison.

Anime is a medium and SciFi is a genre.

I would more call it. How has the Japanese/Asian interpretation of Science Fiction influenced or affected western interpretations of the same and vice versa.

They do write books, comics, live action movies, games as well in the science fiction genre.

How does the culture and history play a role in the interpretations of the SciFi genre.

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