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Empire Admin -> Hayley Atwell Back For Captain America 2 (14/2/2013 8:37:16 PM)

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sowasred2012 -> I wish I knew how to quit you. (14/2/2013 8:37:16 PM)

This is a stupid complaint, because I do it to myself, but I miss the days when, to get movie news, I'd have to wait each month the latest copy of Empire, absorb everything written within, and that would be all the movie news I got that month. I could go to the cinema and catch a film and there was a good chance I could still be surprised by it because there wasn't enough space to cover every little nugget of info about it in the magazine.

Nowadays, I'm on this site, or IGN, or AICN, or wherever, EVERY DAY, scavenging for tidbits on films that won't be released for another year or two. I'm addicted, and I hate it.

I shouldn't get this wound up over a story about Hayley Atwell possibly appearing in Cap 2 - but it would've been sooo nice to not have known that going into the film. She'd pop up in a flashback, I'd sit there and go "Oh hey! They brought her back!", and that'd be that. But now I'm going in there with a checklist of things I already know will be in the movie, ticking them off as they crop up.

Remember when The Matrix came out? Completely under the radar, I didn't know it existed until I caught a trailer for it at the cinema about a month before it was released, and I went in knowing sweet FA except for that there was a ridiculous scene with a helicopter crashing into a building. I want that level of ignorance back!

I'm fully aware I'm ranting, so I'll stop now.

jackcarter -> shouldnt it be Billie Piper playing Sharon Carter? (14/2/2013 9:05:42 PM)

would make a great deal of sense

jackcarter -> RE: I wish I knew how to quit you. (14/2/2013 9:09:08 PM)

sowasred2012 i too feel your pain but what can be done? a complete cessation of checking out movie news websites? how would that even be possible? and even if it were then what?

Gretzky -> *Frank* Grillo... (15/2/2013 9:56:25 AM)

is playing Crossbones, not Joe. ;)

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