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Empire Admin -> Tarantino Plans Django/Basterds Trilogy? (10/2/2013 8:29:12 PM)

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FoxDhoj -> How about (10/2/2013 8:29:12 PM)

Vietnam? Cold War? Hurricane Katrina? Mexican border? Jamaica? Cuba? Iraq? Afghanistan? The Troubles?

danbo1138 -> Nam or Afgan (10/2/2013 8:56:55 PM)

like the fox said^^

kjd17 -> QT's Platoon Apocalypse (10/2/2013 9:17:15 PM)

Gotta be the Vietnam War... A QT style Hamburger Hill!!
Could you imagine?..
Dunno bout you, but i can imagine quite a bit!!

Gram Woods -> noneoftheabove (10/2/2013 9:32:56 PM)

iwould like to see him do a sci fi

Mr Gittes -> Very exciting! (10/2/2013 10:02:05 PM)

If this threequel gets made and ends up to be as good as the first two, what a bloody trilogy that would be!

BenTramer -> (10/2/2013 11:37:44 PM)

Tarantino will cast Samuel L. Jackson as Abraham Lincoln putting white people into slavery.

Judge -> (11/2/2013 12:06:03 AM)

Vietnam or 30s gangster film.

FoxDhoj -> Actually (11/2/2013 1:03:00 AM)

I think it should/probably will be either 'Nam or Prohibition era (he's talked about doing a gangster film before). I think 'Nam will be more interesting, and the latter more of a gamble (thinking he might over-stylise it).

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Actually (11/2/2013 9:39:03 AM)

Think more likely to be a Gangster movie as already done war once & as shown on the likes of Broadwalk empire there's plenty of scope for different types & races, so should be right up QT's street.

THERAHMAN -> (11/2/2013 11:03:43 AM)

he has to do bond circa 1965

billypunk -> (11/2/2013 2:27:53 PM)

If Quentin's going for the history/revenge theme again I'd love to see him tackle Irish prohibition or maybe native Americans.

petewasbristol -> (11/2/2013 3:39:05 PM)

I like the sound of Vietnam and Tarantino!

JimmyThe Saint -> (11/2/2013 8:01:58 PM)

There was apparently a rumour Tarantino was going to take on the unmade Kubrick film wartime lies. It was probably garbage but it makes you think how he would handle the holocaust. It would have to be a serious movie though of course, free of hyper reality. Or would that be too real?

Battan9000 -> Full Circle (11/2/2013 10:13:40 PM)

He should do a Nam film and call it "Home in a Body Bag" - as Bear Jew is suppos't be the father of the director that made that film in True Romance it would be a nice full circle to the trilogy. Then again maybe thats too much like IB as it's another war film. I think it would have to have guns and Americans in it which would rule out a lot of the above. Or maybe he will come left field and and make Wolf Hall.

england_cmr -> (18/2/2013 4:12:28 AM)

I think I prefer the idea of a 30's / Gangster / Prohibition era film than a Vietnam film.. I feel like he's done 'war' with IB. I'd rather he went in the opposite direction.

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