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Dannybohy -> RE: I've got a bad feeling about this.... (7/2/2013 4:48:18 PM)

James Franco = Han Solo. All done. big ups to Artoo

Don_a_van -> RE: I've got a bad feeling about this.... (7/2/2013 5:10:23 PM)


ORIGINAL: Dannybohy

James Franco = Han Solo. All done. big ups to Artoo

That's actually not a bad shout but still not sure he can pull of the cockyness of Han.

As for Boba Fett, can we stop already. How this character has gained so much recognition\importance is beyond me? He was a bit part character who just happened to be a bit lippy to Vader (probably unintentionally), was in ROTJ for a about 30 seconds, then got taken out by a blind Han and eaten and yet this whole mythical story and cult following has sprung up around him. So much so that fan pressure forced George to shoehorn him badly into the prequels. He is a non-character that gets far too much credit as far as I am concerned.

Schimchs -> RE: I've got a bad feeling about this.... (7/2/2013 5:12:13 PM)

Rather than going for an 'established' actor - Cooper, Fillion, Fasssssbender, etc - for such an iconic role, I think they would be better off going for an relatively unknown, character actor.

Make the focus of any film about the character (whichever one they go for), rather than the actor. Pick someone with acting chops for sure - and a close physical resemblance (sp) - but don't make the film about the actor. The Solo character is already very well established, so they don't need to use star billing to attract an audience.

A case in point: Wolverine in X-Men. Hugh Jackman was a pretty darn good fit for the role, but I don't think many folks would have heard of him before X-Men came out (I might be wrong!)

I can't think of anyone specifically for Solo (but then again that's the whole point) - but there must be plenty enough young male actors out there.

Right, back to my corner now...

DarthMaxxx -> RE: I've got a bad feeling about this.... (7/2/2013 5:19:41 PM)

James Franco = too old....

DarthMaxxx -> RE: I've got a bad feeling about this.... (7/2/2013 5:24:46 PM)

Rather than go for an established actor they should just go for another character....


BenTramer -> (7/2/2013 6:17:02 PM)

@SwozTheRevenge Why, thank you.

DancingClown -> RE: (7/2/2013 6:22:37 PM)

Kieran Culkin.

kermit24 -> The young Han Solo (7/2/2013 7:29:24 PM)

Nathan Fillion, hands down! He has the wit and character to pull it off.. You only have to watch him in ' Firefly ' for a minute on screen to see Han Solo reincarnated...

Sentinel11 -> Han Solo: The End. (7/2/2013 8:50:15 PM)

Thinking about it, what I'd rather see is how Han Solo ends. I sort of don't care how Han comes to be the Han we see in the original trilogy, because honestly how different can he be? We saw 'young Han' in Episode IV.
The whole purpose of these films (I assume) is to see characters in ways we never have before. I want to see a Han Solo without Chewie, without Leia and without Luke (Han could be the last one of them still standing). Maybe have him go back to his smuggler roots? Maybe tie it in with the Boba Fett film and have it show their final confrontation? Just because Ford is OLD now doesn't mean that this has to be the Star Wars version of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (besides, Han was always a less stunt-heavy character than Indy). I picture him ending up as a kind of Rooster Cogburn character. Who doesn't want to see that?

J_BUltimatum -> No!!! (7/2/2013 10:21:11 PM)

Sorry but there is only one Han Solo and it's Indiana Jones! I already hate the way the Mouse House is handling there newly acquired wallet fillers!

sbm76 -> What about 'Harison Ford'!!! (8/2/2013 12:19:17 AM)

I like the idea of a stand alone 'Han Solo' film and an origin story is interesting but what worry's me is that like with many other Hollywood/Disney atempts to recreate a classic charecter it tends not to work.
Personally i would like to see a 'Han Solo' film set 30 years after 'Return Of The Jedi' with Harison Ford back in the role.
What ever they do if they do it is get a good story and a good director and no interference from the studio's.

jazzyjules63 -> Chewie (8/2/2013 1:10:55 AM)

Never mind Han Solo, I wanna see Chewie as a puppy! Awwww

allenton -> Bob Fett (8/2/2013 4:25:35 PM)

Had to do a double take I thought Harrison Ford had just dropped 20 years

stephenkingfan -> Fett actor (8/2/2013 4:36:48 PM)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt I think should play Fett..just an idea... :)

DarthMaxxx -> RE: I've got a bad feeling about this.... (8/2/2013 5:29:22 PM)

May have to eat my words.... -> Ryan Gosling for Han Solo (8/2/2013 5:31:33 PM)

I just think he's got the right amount of cockiness to play a great Scoundrel!

jackcarter -> RE: I've got a bad feeling about this.... (8/2/2013 10:31:23 PM)


ORIGINAL: DarthMaxxx

May have to eat my words....

that guy looks so much like Ford i suspect whoever is calling the shots with the Han Solo project will seriously have to consider casting him! hes almost his clone!

why get someone already known who looks nothing like Ford when you could get an unknown guy who looks exactly like him? save money on CGing a young Ford too

Shifty Bench -> RE: I've got a bad feeling about this.... (9/2/2013 12:55:15 AM)

I am a huge Nathan Fillion fan and not really a Star Wars fan but I do like the character of Han Solo and I don't think he's right for the part. I'll be honest, though, I can't really think of someone who is.

rudyalapag -> copying TPM? (9/2/2013 1:34:04 AM)

is it gonna be like a young Anakin copying TPM? starting young and then older on one spin-off film? i'm all game guys.

Apristell -> Bad Ass (10/2/2013 2:32:51 PM)

I think this a pretty good idea because they are going to have to set up the stories for new characters when the next movie comes out anyway. So why not re-introduce the two bad ass characters from previous films this will increase hype about future films and get revive the franchise.

billypunk -> (11/2/2013 1:40:20 AM)

What about Dane DeHaan or Logan Lerman?

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