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naresh prana -> Race 2 Movie Review (6/2/2013 11:15:13 AM)

The story involves casinos, generous numbers of Audis – which at times make you wonder whether or not the film is a giant commercial for the car brand. There’s actually a cleverly-put-in sentence promoting a model of the car too.

People in this film speak of money in millions and billions of Euros – to a point where you stop working out the zeroes in the figures. The style quotient is so much in the film that even in the pouring rain, and sobbing in front of a grave, Saif cannot take his glares off.

There are twists and turns, some extra-longwinding chase scenes which could definitely have been shortened, and action. The film – apart from the amount of money put in constructing it bit by bit, and its action sequences – is actually nothing. It is very glittery, making it blinding at times. And yes, betrayal is survival – every bit so.

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