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dtan -> Subscription paid but can't download (6/2/2013 12:55:44 AM)


I have an issue that I would like to clarify.
My first year sub started on 15/12/11 and it was auto renewed on 15/12/12.
However I can't download any issues from Jan 2013 onwards. There's only a purchase button in my app for the Mar issue but it's not available for the Feb issue. I gather that Feb 2013 is already a back issue so that's probably the reason.
I'm still running OS4 on the 1st gen ipad.

I've also contacted iTunes and they have been nice enough to reverse the charge yesterday but I do want to subscribe cos I love the magazine.

James Dyer -> RE: Subscription paid but can't download (6/2/2013 9:26:48 AM)

That's certainly odd. Normally that kind of thing (and indeed every other kind of thing as this is my one-size-fits-all solution) is fixed by uninstalling, reinstalling and pressing Restore Purchases. I've no idea what causes it to 'forget' though.

dtan -> RE: Subscription paid but can't download (6/2/2013 2:31:24 PM)

I'm unsure if it's due to me having the older version of iOS which doesn't allow me to update the latest version of the Empire app.
However I have had no issues up to Jan 2013 and I've also tried the restore purchases button to no avail.
And I was given the option to purchase or subscribe to the Mar issue so the app version should not be a problem.

I'm unsure if I should subscribe again because iTunes might not reimburse me again in the event that I get this problem again.

James Dyer -> RE: Subscription paid but can't download (7/2/2013 12:38:29 PM)

Ah yes. If you can't update to the latest version then that will cause problems. The latest issues only work with the recent versions of the app.

sm4life -> RE: Subscription paid but can't download (6/3/2013 1:36:18 PM)


I have somewhat of the same issue. I bought the subscription on Jan. 1 (my order number was MGLTF5KWJS or MGLTDY09). It downloaded the February and March ones fine. However it's not downloading the April one now. In fact it's saying that I need to buy a new subscription. I contacted Apple about it and they couldn't help and told me to check in with you.

I've tried closing and reopening the app. I haven't completely deleted it and reinstalled it yet, I'm worried about losing my back catalogue.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

James Dyer -> RE: Subscription paid but can't download (8/3/2013 9:24:15 AM)

Unfortunately the only way to fix it when it goes mental is usually to uninstall and reinstall then press the button for restoring purchases. The downside is that you do then have to redownload all the issues that you've bought.

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