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luccewada -> Upcoming Empire Covers (4/2/2013 5:22:51 PM)

Here are my predictions for the next few months worth of covers. Please do share yours below. I'm starting with next month's (the issue after the Man of Steel one).

April 2013: Iron Man 3
May 2013: The Blockbuster Issue- Pacific Rim, Fast Six, Elysium
June 2013: Kick-Ass 2
July 2013: The Wolverine
August 2013: The Lone Ranger
September 2013: The Hobbit 2
October 2013: Winter Preview- Thor 2, Catching Fire
November 2013: Oscars- Wolf of Wall Street
December 2013: The Hobbit 2

dseys -> RE: Upcoming Empire Covers (6/2/2013 12:04:24 AM)

Nice list, you can be sure it's at least 80% accurate :p
My guess:

April: Iron Man 3
May: Pain And Gain/Fast Five/...
June: Man Of Steel
July: The Lone Ranger
August: The World's End
September: The Hobbit 2
October: Thor 2
November: Catching Fire
December: The Hobbit 2

But idk, maybe Lone Ranger cover in August and then Kick Ass 2 in july, and no cover for The World's End...

luccewada -> RE: Upcoming Empire Covers (25/6/2013 4:07:00 PM)

April: Iron Man 3 (I was correct)
May: Star Trek
June: Man of Steel
July: The Wolverine (I was correct)
August: Hobbit

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