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elab49 -> Has anyone tried a MOOC (Coursera) (3/2/2013 1:42:43 PM)

I wanted something to just stretch my mind a bit for a while (and also as a transference activity) and I was looking through the Coursera catalogue. Teaching methods seem to vary, some have certs at end some not. I've done Distance Learning via the OU before but I wondered if anyone had tried any of these courses and thought the whole concept was worthwhile?

steffols -> RE: Has anyone tried a MOOC (Coursera) (3/2/2013 3:36:01 PM)

I know Amelie_Scotland has, maybe ask her? She's done a bunch of different ones I think.

kata -> RE: Has anyone tried a MOOC (Coursera) (4/2/2013 6:07:46 PM)

I just had a quick glance at their website (Coursera). What's it all about?

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