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Empire Admin -> World War Z Superbowl Ad Runs Online (1/2/2013 10:15:39 PM)

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Whistler -> (1/2/2013 10:15:39 PM)

Looks so disappointing. Far from Pitt's promise of a "faithful adaptation".

pgmark -> Not Read the Book (2/2/2013 11:02:12 AM)

but I do like the look of this. Looks intense and I like the feel you get for the characters. The scenes with zombies and the sheer number of them seem crazy.

petejwheeldon -> Its a movie, not the book (6/2/2013 9:31:58 AM)

I don't care if it is faithful to the book. If I want to read that, I will read it. I am just concerned with the quality of the film and if it will stand up as a piece of work on its own, and have to say, from the trailers it looks excellent.

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