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Empire Admin -> Man Of Steel Toys Reveal Suits (1/2/2013 1:55:23 PM)

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kevmccann -> General Zod (1/2/2013 1:55:23 PM)

May have a big head but he certainly has no feet! And that's some medallion Jor-El has, and how do they all go for a wee-wee?!!

avinashnicholas -> Re: General Zod (1/2/2013 6:28:02 PM)

LOL, "...How do they all go for a wee-wee?!!"

avinashnicholas -> The Man of Steel Meets His Match (1/2/2013 6:38:17 PM)

I love General Zod's costume here. He certainly looks like an anti Superman here. Just look at how Zod's dull black suit contrasts to Superman's bright multicolored suit. I also appreciate how they included the emblem on Zod's chest, which looks like a dark mirror, a twisted version, to Superman's Kryptonian S emblem.

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