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Empire Admin -> From The Archive: The Making Of Superman (31/1/2013 5:06:47 PM)

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BenTramer -> (31/1/2013 5:06:47 PM)

Good article. You can feel the Man Of Steel buzz starting and regardless of the quality of the movie, it's great to have the Superman character back again. It's the 35th anniversary of the first Superman movie (and the 30th anniversary of Superman III but we won't go into that now) and i'm sure there'll be reissues of all kinds of interesting stuff to tie in with it. Can't wait.

SII TWN -> (31/1/2013 8:06:05 PM)

Yup a good read for sure. As for the upcoming Man of Steel. It's just too tough to call. I watched the trailer for Superman Returns again and got that old tingly feeling, but the final cut just didn't live up to the tease for me. Though I think the Man of Steel trailer looks a tad more promising! Cant wait either!

darren1824 -> legacy (31/1/2013 8:38:34 PM)

I am really looking forward to Man of Steel, but this feature reminds me that Henry Cavill has some very very big Christopher Reeve size boots to fill!!

blindfold -> Earn Your Pay (1/2/2013 8:22:48 PM)

Oh joy another outdated HOW THEY MADE THIS CLASSIC that we've all read plenty of times before or seen the special features on disc already.

Come on guys, find a film that some research really hasn't been done on and do a spot on that instead.

I fear for the future.. another couple of months will go by and one of you will get the bright idea that what the world needs is another "HOW THEY MADE RETURN OF THE JEDI" feature.

It's harsh but true after following the mag since 1992. 20 years on and: Subscription Cancelled. Website visits cut down by 50%. I personally know a good dozen writers out there that don't get paid what you do and they put more effort into what they present the public with.

gwd80 -> Ouch (2/2/2013 1:05:36 PM)


I don't think they make that much money out of running the website, so why are you expecting it to be as up to the minute etc as the stuff they print in the magazine...which they actually charge for?

Your comments seemed harsh. I don't know what some of the posters on these message boards expect from a free access website. Remember in the old days, when people actually had to pay for stuff? Exactly.

Having said that, their recent "feature" on pictures that might inspire Dwayne Johnson films was just dreadful.

BubbaGump Shrimps -> Sweet article (2/2/2013 4:19:22 PM)

A great read, but i'm sure a lot more went on during the shoot which has been left unsaid, especially with the notoriously difficult Marlon Brando... Did he show up not knowing his lines, or even read any source material ala Apocalypse Now??
I've heard/read bad things about the Salkinds too... More profit in mind than creativety. How true this is, we shall never know!!! We need more juicy on-set details on "The Assholes!!!!!

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