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Empire Admin -> New Image From The Wolverine (31/1/2013 4:30:57 PM)

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BenTramer -> (31/1/2013 4:30:57 PM)

I can't wait to see the movie where Elvis comes back from the dead to claim back his pork chop sideburns from Wolverine and kicks his ass with karate while singing "Devil In Disguise."

chris wootton -> If they can't get it right by the sixth attempt (31/1/2013 4:52:23 PM)

Then perhaps it's time to give up

AxlReznor -> RE: If they can't get it right by the sixth attempt (1/2/2013 12:15:22 PM)

I thought the "definitive Wolverine" was in X-Men 2 myself. As soon as he jumps through the air to claw one of those soldiers to death in the mansion, I thought "Yeah... this is Wolverine!"... not sure it'd be possible to make a better Wolverine than that. But I'm excited for this movie, despite the last one being crap. It's looking really promising.

Also, I consider it the fifth time. The five seconds in First Class doesn't really count, does it.

sjessep -> Logan (1/2/2013 6:09:19 PM)

Sounds like the film will not only be drawing on the famous Claremont/Miller mini-series but also Brian K Vaughan's "Logan" miniseries which told the story of Wolverine escaping a POW camp near Nagasaki around the time of the bomb, as well as his return to Japan in the present. Great story worth checking out.

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