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Empire Admin -> Duncan Jones Directing Warcraft (31/1/2013 7:31:34 AM)

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MusicLovesYou -> Great choice (31/1/2013 7:31:34 AM)

Don't play Warcraft, but he knows what he's doing, that lad.

Overmind -> RE: Great choice (31/1/2013 7:48:43 AM)

2015..... The year of the geeks. WoW. SW. Avengers. Tron3 ...
[:)] [:)] [:)]

sjessep -> (31/1/2013 8:56:53 AM)

Great director, but (based on his twitter feed) he spends far too much time playing video games when he should be making movies. I guess this way he gets to do both.

sowasred2012 -> Warcraft has a story? (31/1/2013 10:14:07 AM)

This film had better not be 2 hours of watching some guy be told by 50 different people to go get them 14 bear claws or whatever else.

The Procrastinator -> RE: Warcraft has a story? (31/1/2013 3:44:27 PM)

I think it's great news. The Warcraft franchise can be turned into a balls-achingly awesome, fun, humorous and very stylish flick. In fact I would say that there's bigger potential for a great, entertaining adventure cinema than in the new SW film. And with such talented geek as Jones at the helm of it all, the popcultural potential of Warcraft will not be wasted. I am stoked.

lok'tar ogar nerds. Long live Metzen.

BenTramer -> (31/1/2013 4:23:00 PM)

Will the gamers unhook themselves from their online drug to go see this? Will the people that don't play care about this movie? Hmm, we shall see.

rich -> RE: Great choice (31/1/2013 7:53:57 PM)


ORIGINAL: MusicLovesYou

Don't play Warcraft, but he knows what he's doing, that lad.


Overmind -> RE: Great choice (1/2/2013 3:24:34 AM)

And btw.
There is already a Warcraft movie out there. It is called The Hobbit.. :)

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