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Empire Admin -> Eva Green Is A Dame To Kill For (30/1/2013 6:40:26 AM)

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partybee -> I will now, without a doubt... (30/1/2013 6:40:26 AM)

be there opening night.

AxlReznor -> RE: Eva Green Is A Dame To Kill For (30/1/2013 8:14:09 AM)

What a fantastic piece of casting. Eva Green's a great actress, and gorgeous in the classy kind of way that Ava Lord is. Can't wait to see her in the role. [:)]

Nicky C -> Thanks for the spoiler guys (30/1/2013 9:18:26 AM)

Please remember that some of us don't read comic books and don't actually want to know the plot. Cock jockies! Movie mags are all getting worse recently. Total Film have started describing plot points in reviews and now Empire are signposting plot points in the bloody news! That's a really good way to lose readers.

bosscoe -> Well you now have my cash Rodriguez! (30/1/2013 9:37:24 AM)

Eva Green is stunning, with one of the best racks in the business. A much better choice than Jolie !!!

UTB -> RE: Well you now have my cash Rodriguez! (30/1/2013 9:59:55 AM)


Dannybohy -> RE: Well you now have my cash Rodriguez! (30/1/2013 11:05:11 AM)

SIN CITY WAS COMPLETE CRAP!!. oops, wrong thread...

buffster28 -> RE: Well you now have my cash Rodriguez! (30/1/2013 12:56:06 PM)

great news - perfect casting . can't wait to see this film loved the first one !!

plumbey -> Puuuuurrrrfect Casting (30/1/2013 1:51:45 PM)

Wow! That's a bit of majestic casting right there! She has everything needed for the role from her eyes to her figure. Perfection Mr Rodriguez! If you didn't have my attention before, (You did), you have it now!

bnicholson50 -> (30/1/2013 5:57:30 PM)

mmmmmmmmm....... Eva Green

NeoBrowser -> (31/1/2013 2:53:21 AM)

I wouldn't kill shit for that harpy.

Mr Gittes -> Can't wait! (5/2/2013 8:34:42 PM)

Definitely a worthy addition to the gallery of Sin City babes. I absolutely loved the first movie so, needless to say, I'm hoping this will be up to the same level.

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