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Empire Admin -> Armie Hammer On The Lone Ranger (29/1/2013 5:53:39 PM)

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bnicholson50 -> Another good year for westerns (29/1/2013 5:53:39 PM)

What a great year. First we get Tarantino's western, then we get Verbinski's (second) western and hopefully The Black Dynamite Western will go into production this year.

jazzyjules63 -> (30/1/2013 2:10:56 AM)

I still think it will be a stinkfest. "It's the rock 'n' roll Lone Ranger" says it all. The costume's all wrong and Tonto is now the main character. I like how they just lifted the whole lawyer theme from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and he talks about it as if they came up with it. I'm starting to think the first Pirates movie was just a fluke.

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