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Bumfluff -> The Cave (24/1/2013 7:49:40 AM)

Put away your CODs, your Assasins Creeds & your Halos...
It's now time for The Cave. A new production from Double Fine & the co-creator of Monkey Island TM.

For anyone who loved the retro adventure style of The Walking Dead, here is an adventure game WITH actual puzzles & plenty of humour to go with them.

Played it for 2 hours last night & it's an absolute joy. Think Maniac Mansion with platforming elements.

Don't wait for it to reduce in price in 12 months, it's worth a tenner of anyone's money, & the more people that get it now the more chance there is of getting further gems like this.

Peter Griffin -> RE: The Cave (24/1/2013 8:27:28 AM)

Yep getting this when i finally get some points.

clownfoot -> RE: The Cave (24/1/2013 1:12:44 PM)

Keep seeing this up on Steam's frontpage and my thoughts are 'ah-ha, the return of Day of the Tentacle!' Pretty much a shoe-in for the commute to work and back.

DONOVAN KURTWOOD -> RE: The Cave (24/1/2013 1:31:43 PM)

If this is like Day of the Tentacle, then i'm in! Awesome game!

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