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Empire Admin -> The Last Stand (24/1/2013 4:54:28 AM)

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Fallen Giant -> Even giants can fall (24/1/2013 4:54:28 AM)

Oh I think we all knew it was going to be craptasic. Just reading the synopsis when this film was first announced made me yawn. Wouldn't even bother downloading a Pirate copy of this.

UTB -> RE: Even giants can fall (24/1/2013 7:38:45 AM)

Was very lucky to attend the premiere and I have to say I expected this to be bobbins but with a packed cinema and a couple of beers inside me this was a riot.

Of course it's crap, but it's very fun crap.

There's some great kills in there too. The aforementioned roof dive kill should raise a titter.

CHUFFSTER -> Great fun (24/1/2013 12:34:37 PM)

Never destined to be a classic,but it's a superb way to spend a couple of hours!

Recommended for the sheer fun of it!

Madhava -> A great, fun movie of Scharzenegger kickassery (24/1/2013 3:22:23 PM)

To "Fallen Giant": Really, you're going to dismiss the movie AND give it two stars without even having seen it?

It's unfair that critics are giving this one a hard time. The Last Stand is packed with fun, creative action, laugh-out-loud humor, and is both a great ensemble piece and an excellent Schwarzenegger vehicle. His role is realistic for his age, and he gives equal time to his cast-mates while still delivering the satisfying Schwarzenegger kick-assery you're looking for. Obviously not a deep, life-changing piece of film-making, but who the hell was expecting that? Just a great fun evening at the movies.

Dr Lenera -> RE: A great, fun movie of Scharzenegger kickassery (24/1/2013 6:32:23 PM)

Sheriff Ray Owens is settled into a life fighting what little crime takes place in sleepy border town Sommerton Junction. He once worked in Los Angeles, but left his narcotics post following a bungled operation that left him wracked with remorse and regret. His current peaceful that existence is shattered when Gabriel Cortez, the most notorious, wanted drug kingpin in the western hemisphere, escapes, with some outside help, from an FBI prisoner convoy. Cortez begins racing towards the US-Mexico border at 250 mph in a specially-outfitted Corvette ZR1 with a hostage in tow. Cortez’ path: straight through Summerton Junction, where a group of lawless mercenaries helping Cortez are also headed…….

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger; I mean he’s not, and never will be, a great actor, and is easily outshone as one by Sylvester Stallone, for example, but he’s always seemed aware of his limitations and has never strayed away from action or comedy, usually doing best when he is combining the two and slyly sending up his own image. And there is no doubt that, for some reason, the camera has always loved this unlikely star whose recent autobiography is an inspiration to read, and he has an admittedly peculiar kind of charisma. His star has dimmed somewhat of late and he hasn’t had a proper starring role since the mediocre Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, but after a lengthy period in politics he seems to be returning to the screen in a big way with several upcoming projects. If The Last Stand is anything to go by, we’re in for a good run of decent action for a change in a time seemingly dominated by CGI, incoherently shot set pieces and boring if pretty stars.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is no classic, don’t expect anything of the standard of some of Arnie’s many classics like Predator or True Lies, but it’s certainly miles better than some of his other more recent offerings like Collateral Damage and I think it should please his many fans. As to whether the younger generation, many of whom may regard Arnie as as an ‘old’ guy and turn their noses up at anything ‘retro’ will take to it I’m less sure, though the filmmakers have done their best to put in elements that they may enjoy too, from the presence of folk like Johnny Knoxville, to a young glamorous villain in a superfast car who you may very well be behind despite him having a female hostage, to direction by Jee-Woon Kim [one of the finest Korean filmmakers today with movies like A Tale Of Two Sisters and I Saw The Devil to his credit] which is somewhat at odds with the old-school approach taken by many aspects of the film in its fast editing and shaky handheld camerawork, though Kim doesn’t overdo this, meaning that I wasn’t as irritated by this style as I normally am in a film!

With The Last Stand, they seem to have had the opinion [which is probably correct], that the sight of Arnie as a one-man army, dispatching hundreds of goons on his own, would be laughable in the wrong way considering the star’s age, so they have lowered considerably the number of villains and given him some help. Luckily the others that make up his motley crew are fun characters that you shouldn’t mind spending some time and who you may end up rooting for as much as Arnie. Knoxville, who I’ve always liked as a performer despite having tired of his Jackass antics years ago, is most amusing as the owner of an antique weapons store, and Luis Guzman [God he is big now!] as one of his three deputies, makes full use of that expressive face of his. As for Arnie, he is no superman and even seems to be playing someone close to his actual age, indicated by little details, like him putting on glasses to examine a wound, and replying when asked how he is: “old”. Self-mockery is nothing new for him, but he does it so well, and don’t worry, he still has the odd over-the-top moment like a great variation on the stunt at the end of The Bourne Identity that may destroy the film’s attempts at plausibility but is still most welcome.

Saying that, the film hedges its bets by not having Arnie go into action about half way through, though that certainly doesn’t mean the picture lacks for action, with plenty going on before the before the big man joins in. There’s a good sequence when Cortez is rescued from the convoy transporting him, an operation that is amusingly called ‘top secret’ even though it involves seven conspicuous black cars, and employs a most novel use of a crane, and plenty of screeching road action involving Cortez and his Corvette which really benefits from what look like real car stunts as opposed to CGI. In fact, I detected very little CGI in this film, right down to what looked like good old-fashioned blood squibs. A great deal of the film’s running time is taken up with blazing gun action and resists the temptation to go crazy with outrageous stunts [the moment mentioned in the above paragraph notwithstanding!], but Kim’s hectic style keeps things fresh and it all leads to a wonderful showdown out of Pale Rider in a film that has a Western feel to it throughout. Inventiveness isn’t always prominent but where else have you seen two cars duelling in a cornfield, and the movie even just about pulls off a convincing fight between big, slow Arnie and a smaller, faster guy half his age.

The Last Stand doesn’t shy away from blood with heads, ears and, in one truly crowd-pleasing moment, arms being damaged, and it’s great to see an ‘R’ rated action movie that hasn’t been watered down. Despite this, The Last Stand is relatively light-hearted, and sometimes its tone [out of Kim’s films, it is closest to The Good The Bad And The Weird in feel] is inconsistent, as if it can’t quite decide what sort of film it wants to be. There are though some big laughs including a gag with an old lady which had the preview audience I was with rolling with laughter. Forest Whitaker has his best role in some time as the LA police captain who wants his prisoner back. He really looks like he is having a good time in this film which gives him some seriously funny moments, and isn’t always a pleasure to see the great Harry Dean Stanton [did you know he turned 81 last July?] in a terrific cameo which you will want to be longer. As for Arnie, well, his acting is the same as it always has been, but it seems like the role of Sheriff Ray Owens has been written specifically for him in the way it plays to his strengths and avoids his weaknesses.

The plot is occasionally awkwardly constructed and a supposed twist at the end just has no impact whatsoever, but there is a decent attempts at characterisation, even with the bad guys. The Last Stand is nothing earth-shattering but it is definitely a thoroughly entertaining time at the movies, though probably more if you’re a guy than a girl and I think having grown up with not just Arnie movies but action movies of the old kind will certainly help your enjoyment. I had a pretty good time. At the time of writing the film’s US box office has been disappointing, a shame because I wouldn’t mind at all if Sheriff Owen and his mates were back.

Rating: 7.5/10

bretty -> Like the Arnie films of old, except he's old. (24/1/2013 9:02:37 PM)

Yep it is nonsense but it is also great fun. Like the classic Arnie films it does not take itself too seriously and blends bad guys and violence with humour.
A forgettable and daft film, but a lot of fun to watch.

paulyboy -> RE: Like the Arnie films of old, except he's old. (25/1/2013 11:31:37 AM)

Yeah, not bad at all. Its delightfully silly and suprisingly voilent to boot, haven't seen squibs used in a while it feels like.

My only critisism would be that it could have done with being just a touch sillier, the first half occasionally dips into melodrama, which always seems at odds with the tomfoolery that's to follow.

So yeah, enjoyable, as Arnie Vehicles go it's no Terminator, Predator or Total Recall, but it's a darn sight better than the likes of Collateral Damage and The 6th Day.


Cool Breeze -> RE: Like the Arnie films of old, except he's old. (28/1/2013 2:47:31 PM)

Saw this last night and really enjoyed it.A proper old school action flick with minimal cg and hard hitting action.Given the setting, its really a modern day western and its great to see Arnie back as a leading action man.Very good support from the likes of Forest Whitaker and Peter Stormare.Plus its got the lovely Jamie Alexander which is a major plus point.

Welcome back Arnie.

Qwerty Norris -> RE: Like the Arnie films of old, except he's old. (29/1/2013 12:57:50 PM)

Also gave this a go yesterday at the 02 (who seem to have these weird vibrating D-box things. Anyone had a bash before? Didn't bother myself but they intrigued me).

In summary, it was like being reacquainted with an old friend. [:)]

A bit of a sluggish opening and the stuff involving Forest Whittaker and his hapless band of FBI idiots involved a lot of dreadful writing.

But yeah, we aren't here for the script, we're here for Arnie Reloaded.

I didn't actually realise until the credits Jee-woon Kim was in the directors chair (explains why elab was eager to see it[:D]). In truth, there's not really anything in it to suggest it's by the guy of A Tale Of Two Sisters, it's very much an Arnie Vehicle - and one which works for him in this stage of his career.

A pleasingly old fashioned action movie reliant on stunts as opposed to CGI & for anyone who grew up with with the likes of Commando or Red Heat, there's a lot here to feel nostalgic about.


chrisharvey1551 -> (3/3/2013 12:23:58 AM)

Boring poor and pointless. How ever much I like arnie this is not good the one liners at one point were so bad a cringed. The only interest I have in this film is have man kind finally found a new source of fuel that never runs out, as that car is travelling at top speed all the way though and never runs out of fuel?? Also at the poorly thought of fight scene at the bad guy seems to have some sort of mma fight style but no clue on how to defend a swinging arm.

Phubbs -> RE: (27/4/2013 1:45:20 AM)

The Last Stand (2013)

He's back, he said he would be back, and he is...and boy is he old!. Yep as old Arnie gets out of his 4x4 police Jeep and strolls in front of the camera in his first movie vehicle since 'T3' we see just how old he is, and no amount of tan makeup is gonna cover it. Seeing this really made me think if Arnie should be doing these types of films anymore, the guy looks like a piece of sun baked leather, and that's thanks to the makeup as I said.

What makes this worse is the fact Arnie plays being an old man to the hilt, he really hammers that fact home in the film. We know your old Arnie, we know you probably shouldn't be doing action films anymore, but no need to really rub it in, your making it worse. The fact that almost everything he does seems to be a stuntman kinda says it all.

So some Drug baron has broken free whilst on a transfer and is making his way to Mexico to get across the border. He's killed tonnes of cops, he's driving a supposedly fast Corvette and appears to be invincible with his legion of gun totting henchmen. Well that's what he thought until he tries to get across the border through Arnie's town, not on Arnie's watch Mr. Yep you guessed it, Arnie and his little band of oddballs will save the day.

The whole film is basically the local sheriff v the bad guys with your obligatory stand off in the main street at high noon type scenario. All the regular cliches, every turn is predictable, faceless henchmen, plenty of shoulders being shot but never anywhere serious for the good guys and the ridiculous sight of old man Arnie fighting someone who knows martial arts. I mean really, this whole idea couldn't be more corny if you tried.

I wanted to like this film but its really so very bland and pointless, it really does feel like a film purely for Arnold to get back in the saddle with. A cobbled together unoriginal plot with whoever they can muster to make an interesting team up with Arnold. How very original to have Knoxville (of all people) play the local town loon complete with jester-like attire, just in case you miss the point he wears an old WWII type aviators hat to round off his eccentric character.

The only thing that did surprise me was the fact the film is actually pretty violent with lots of blood and bullet holes. I thought this was just some dumb spoof/comedy, especially with the idiot Knoxville in it, turns out its a semi serious action flick, if you don't count Arnie hobbling around. I'm a huge Arnie fan and always will be but this is not gonna cut it, its time to stop with the action films as this just feels forced. End of the day its just an excuse for Arnie to shoot people again, but I guess we all knew that. Desperately clinging on to past glory methinks.


CRUNT -> RE: RE: (8/5/2013 4:02:39 PM)

Pleasantly surprised was expecting much much worse

Wicket55 -> Who Cares? It's Arghnuld! (3/6/2013 2:25:46 PM)

Seriously, what was everyone expecting, Citizen Kane? You see an Arnie movie for Arnie, simple as that. It's just good to see him back on screen, shooting and killing people. Only wish there were more cheesy one-liners! Enjoyable tosh!

ROTGUT -> GERIATRIC...... (10/6/2013 5:01:28 PM)

With some action flicks you can easily overlook any lapses in logic if the action itself is good enough. Unfortunately, this particular movie is short on both. Arnie’s movie career may well be on it’s LAST LEGS if this example is anything to go by. Playing like some dim hillbilly’s big gun fetish rather than a proper action movie, The Last Stand is a passable enough affair for about half of it’s running time. But even taken on it’s own terms, it runs out of steam well before the expected climatic final act shoot out. A lack lustre script means that the story is populated with the usual incompetent cops and small town hick stereotypes that we’ve all seen a million times before - and even the violence itself is by the numbers – long, static periods of gunplay with various characters crouched down behind cars or buildings firing weapons at each other for ten minutes at a time (meh). And it doesn’t help matters that the main villain (who’s supposed to be one of the most powerful drug Lords in all Mexico ) opts to DRIVE hundreds of miles across the desert in his car to get over the border rather than just commandeer a helicopter (or a private jet) – stupid or what!!! Schwarzenegger is clearly too old for all this sort of nonsense by now and unfortunately, his acting hasn’t improved all that much either. He could probably carry off another Conan movie as long as it’s old King Conan in his wheelchair at the old folks home – but fans of Kim Jee Woon would be better off watching THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEIRD instead – it’s ten times better.


moviebuff73 -> RE: The Last Stand (20/6/2013 8:14:51 PM)

I kinda enjoyed, sure it has bad points (johnny Knoxville) & the plot has holes in it but it is entertaining. Good to have Arnie back.

TheMightyBlackout -> Don't make him stand, give him your seat. He's an old man... (11/7/2013 12:01:51 AM)

Considering how awful it should be, The Last Stand is a surprising amount of fun. I mean, it's still awful as well, but in that "Schwarzenegger" kind of way. It's nothing special, but I get the feeling it's not really trying to be. Acquitted by its own low standards.

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