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Empire Admin -> David Fincher Finds Gone Girl (23/1/2013 9:18:56 AM)

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Nicky C -> THE GOON! (23/1/2013 9:18:56 AM)

I want The Goon. Goon Goon Goon Goon Goon Goon Goon Goon ... ahem. Sorry.

edjones95 -> The Goon who Played with Fire (23/1/2013 1:47:53 PM)

He also has The Girl Who Played With Fire, or am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the Millennium trilogy anymore?! And the Goon, we need the Goon

agent cooper -> (23/1/2013 7:30:11 PM)

I give a shit about the Millennium trilogy, I really hope he gets a chance to direct the 2 others parts of this series and with Craig & Mara in their respective roles, Fincher elevated the pulpy nature of Larssen's books to a higher quality and along with Zallian seemed to know what to keep and what to jettison, I'd love to see what the both of them could do with the source material for Fire & Hornets. This Gone Girl sounds intriguing and I can only think if DF is circling it it's quality, might need to get a copy and read this, sounds up my street. As for the Disney 3D remake seems like a waste of Fincher's talents but he might surprise me, wouldn't mind if this one goes the same as his Cleopatra involvement personally, I don't want Fincher turning into another Nolan, great film maker but needs to step away from the big budgets and work on something like his earlier work.

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