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Empire Admin -> Mad Max 4: Fury Road (18/1/2013 3:56:37 PM)

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sbm76 -> (18/1/2013 3:56:37 PM)

cant wait for this tom hardy is an inspired choice the best actor going at the moment.

Baggiebhoy -> RE: (29/1/2013 10:07:11 PM)

As good as Hardy is, I can't generate much optimism for this.

carpen7er -> (12/8/2014 12:17:35 PM)

This one looks great. Although Mel Gibson had the perfect look in his eyes for this role, and obviously other things, Hardy was a good choice. I never prefer new movies over classics and originals, but this one seems refreshing and visually looks wonderful. After all, it´s directed by George Miller.

Thomas Odgers -> Where's Mel? (14/10/2014 2:34:44 AM)

If Harrison Ford can play Indy again why can't Mel Gibson play mad max again, he's a lot younger as Indy as well. Looking forward to it anyway.

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