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Empire Admin -> Emma Stone In Talks For Crimson Peak (16/1/2013 12:33:02 PM)

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warren7355 -> (16/1/2013 12:33:02 PM)

*Clicks on article to see bigger pic of the gorgeous Emma Stone*

*Gets a faceful of Del Toro's uggerly mug*

cheers Empire.

damn im good! -> (16/1/2013 1:13:03 PM)

I'm not sure what "it" is, but she would soooo get it. Del Toro on the other hand is at least a 9 pinter..........

Martijn -> Martijn (16/1/2013 1:50:49 PM)

Universal! Can't w8 for a visit from the Pale Man...

warren7355 -> RE: Martijn (16/1/2013 3:59:48 PM)

Ah that's better Empire, Ta. [:D]

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