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Empire Admin -> Warner Bros. Plans A Space Odyssey (15/1/2013 5:50:44 AM)

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ramseyrocks -> ULYSSES 31, Anyone? (15/1/2013 5:50:44 AM)

Empire readers of a certain age will remember the amazing cartoon series that took Homers Odyssey to Space - Ulysses 31.

The production design was incredible - taking classic greek elements and making them elegantly Futuristic. Yeah, the theme song was cheesy but the actual sound track would make Vangelis cry.

What was the best thing about the show was its sombre, eerie tone - this wasn't no thigh slapping swashbucker for kiddies.

I brought the box set of it when it came out and it more than stood up to memory.

I think this movie will be a cheesy adventure version by way of 'Clash of the Titans' . A shame because 'Ulysses 31' as a movie would be brilliant.

sirvolkar -> Ulysses 31 (15/1/2013 7:26:39 AM)

I was thinking the exact same thing :) That cartoon was brilliant and had a real mature feel to it. Haven't seen it in years, but still remember the cheesy theme song! If this film turns out half as memorable as that, should be interesting.

morphman -> RE: Ulysses 31 (20/1/2013 5:19:49 AM)

YES! [:D]

I remember this, gawd brings back memories - looking forward to the movie but to be honest like all "remakes"they are never as good as the originals?

Nexus Wookie -> RE: Ulysses 31 (20/1/2013 11:34:21 AM)

What! Are you fucking kidding me? Best news EVER![:D]

God i used to love Ulysses! Its my idea of 80's cartoon heaven!

EDIT: and then i read the actual article [:(]

Darth Marenghi -> RE: Ulysses 31 (20/1/2013 2:40:08 PM)

Ewan McGregor for Ulysses!

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