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Empire Admin -> New Still From The Wolverine (14/1/2013 6:17:23 PM)

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shitneck -> (14/1/2013 6:17:23 PM)

Is there no other pose HJ can do for wolverine? They all look like pictures from the cargo pants' section of the grattan catalogue.
I wonder if they have employed new security to look after the workprints for this one too.......

st3veebee -> Belly Button (14/1/2013 8:04:41 PM)

Is that an outty? ew

ravagee -> RE: New Still From The Wolverine (14/1/2013 9:51:50 PM)

Genuinely past caring about anything to do with Wovlerine. Over done. Boring.

rwoo -> At a guess (15/1/2013 3:20:49 PM)

Wonder if this is a scene re-enacted from the book - when he has just lost his temper and popped his claws having been bested by Shingen at bokken [wooden swords], hence showing himself to be an unworthy gaijin right in front of his lady love/Shingen's daughter Mariko.

The bigger question is whether Hugh Jackman will sing in this movie?

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