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Empire Admin -> Oscars 2013: Who Missed Out (14/1/2013 2:34:41 PM)

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Whistler -> (14/1/2013 2:34:41 PM)

Cotillard really should have been nominated, she was incredible in Rust & Bone. Not a big fan of the film itself, though.

thornhill -> (14/1/2013 5:22:19 PM)

Best Movie and Director: The Master

ChesterCopperpot -> Best Picture, Best Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay... (14/1/2013 8:50:41 PM)

Cloud Atlas.

Seriously. Where the fuck is it?

Judge -> (14/1/2013 11:36:22 PM)

The Master and The Imposter are the inexcusables this year.

Garet6 -> Supporting Actor (15/1/2013 8:49:18 PM)

Disappointed to see no love for Jude Law. Everyone seems to have forgotten just how brilliant he was in Anna Karenina, despite a lot of buzz around his performance at the time. Pity. :(

bill the butcher -> GUY PEARCE (16/1/2013 1:06:28 AM)

where was Guy Pearce for LAWLESS .... what about richard gere for ARBITRAGE ... Mary Elizabeth Winstead in SMASHED ... matthew mcconaughey in MAGIC MIKE

BabsyBuck -> Here it comes.. (16/1/2013 2:23:22 AM)

Leonardo DiCaprio (YES) Supporting Actor
Lawless Adapted Screenplay
Perks of Being a Wallflower Adapted Screenplay
TDKR for Cinematography
+ CHRIS NOLAN for director?

thisiscarlijn -> (16/1/2013 7:17:27 AM)

Totally agree with Cloud Atlas. For Best Picture, Best Editing (it's seriously impressive how they have pulled it off, not to mention different than any other movies we've ever seen) and Best Adapted Screenplay, like the other person suggested. Perhaps also for Best Special Effects.

thisiscarlijn -> (16/1/2013 7:19:43 AM)

Oh and Song of the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for Best Original Song.

magicwings -> RE: (16/1/2013 11:36:23 AM)

Leo DiCaprio and Samuel L Jackson both for supporting actors in Django, for sure. Both excellent performers and both long overdue statuettes.

seven28uk -> Best Score?!?! (16/1/2013 1:46:41 PM)

Why is Beasts of the Southern Wild not included in this category?
Of the list I've only seen Skyfall and Life of Pi and while those are both great scores (Skyfall beats Life of Pi in my opinion) neither are better than Beasts.
I downloaded it as soon as I saw the film and it instantly brings back the feelings while watching it. I can only think it must not have been eligible.

For me the best score of the year by far.

jordieb -> TDKR (16/1/2013 10:35:42 PM)

I didn't expect too many nominations for TDKR, but I think it is inexcusable not to have nominated Wally Pfister for his outstanding cinematography, I don't care if he's already won, doesn't mean his work isn't still great. Nice to see Roger Deakins get the nod though :)

ianjohnston81 -> (17/1/2013 11:04:17 AM)

Marion Cotillard undoubtedly should have got a nomination and should really win the Oscar too.

The biggest omission for me - besides Ben Affleck for Best Director - is no nod for Sam Rockwell as Best Supporting Actor in Seven Psychopaths!!!!

dubster -> (17/1/2013 9:09:19 PM)

Best editing-Cloud Atlas, by miles. Best Actor-Liam Neeson in The Grey. Best makeup-Cloud Atlas. Samuel L and Leo deserve supporting actor nods too.

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