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Empire Admin -> Disney Finds New Pirates 5 Writer (13/1/2013 8:40:46 PM)

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bb -> Please, no more PIRATES sequels! (13/1/2013 8:40:46 PM)

The first one is the ONLY film in the saga worth watching. The three sequels that followed became really horrible. Also, by the time the fourth one was made, Johnny Depp had clearly grown tired of playing Jack Sparrow. I want to see Depp play something different than a drunken Disney pirate again or another pale-skin funny guy (Tim Burton, we're looking at you). I'm also dreading this year's film that Depp starring in, THE LONE RANGER (which is directed by the same guy who did the first three, Gore Verbinski). Anyone who wants to know how downhill PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film series went should go on Youtube and check out Mark Kermode's ranting on the awful third film (AT WORLD'S END). It's priceless!!!!

ceaser -> bloomin wonderful to see bloom (13/1/2013 10:53:45 PM)

this movie will surely only work if orlando bloom signed on , his character was greatly missed from stranger tides i think and yes depp was puttin a lazier then usual portrayal of everyones fave pirate in on stranger tides but given that the story is good and can match the first id be up for it

NeoBrowser -> (14/1/2013 1:52:25 AM)

Nothing wrong with Rush Hour 2 or Indiana Jones 4

BenTramer -> (14/1/2013 5:02:05 PM)

You can't blame Johnny Depp for cashing in here. The Pirates movies are huge hits and the public wants more. The quality of the films is another matter.

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