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Hello Everyone

Richard Rush here and anticipating my first film review series, the Reels of Time. This playlist, being broadcasted on YouTube, will be a 8 part series looking back through time at the development of one of the most influential and expressive art forms of the 21st century, Film.

Episode 1. 'Silent Cinema', which I will review and critic some of the most iconic film pieces started it all, and how such classics as Charles Chaplin's The Kid, to Luis Bunuel's Un Chien Andalou spawned the life of film and its ability to capture a spectacle.

Episode 2. Continuing on to the rise of 'Classic Hollywood Cinema', the era of narrative film, reviewing iconic authors and directors of their time such as Hitchcock and Hawks, to the slapstick masters, The Marx Brothers.

Episode 3.New Hollywood being the time of when Hollywood films would evolve and change its attitude in how films are made, through many different directors gaining their status for their visual style and stories such as Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg.

Episode 4. The big blockbusters and sequels which gave the state of New Hollywood a new direction of film production and profit making, through epic tales such as George Lucas' Star Wars series to the most grossing filmmaker to date James Cameron, unleashing his Sci-Fi action The Terminator.

Episode 5. The independence of film came through independent filmmakers, trying their shot at projecting their visions, creating filmic artistic visions on comparing low budgets to the likes of Hollywood's costs, giving us the grace of upcoming legends such as Quentin Tarrantios' unforgettable Reservoir Dogs, Wes Anderson's quirky characters such as Rushmore and even the likes of Christopher Nolan's Neo-Noir pictures, e.g. Memento.

Episode 6. The Dawn of the Documentary, the most touching and relative style of filmmaking known to man, due to the fact that these films are projections of our own lives and realties, bringing you the likes of Nanook of the North, This is Spinal Tap and even the dark truth of societies evil ways, Dark Days.

Episode 7. The Movies of the Millennium, a time when the state of film has grown so vast that the innocence of film has been long gone, the list of stylistic directors begins to fall of the page, and the birth of digital begins to merge with the physicality of cinemas origins. With the likes of David Lynch's Strange and Anxious feel to the likes of Borat and District 9, both toying with the idea of how realistic fiction can be shown to the spectator.

Episode 8. And Finally the present day of film, a time when it's possible for any human being on the planet to produce their own stories or lives, via the sheer advancement of technology and accessible content for them to learn from, which could explain the mixture and boiling pot of cross sub-genres. Darren Aronofsky, Christopher Nolan making their marks and Edgar Wrights simple, realistic, cultural comedic horrors, who knows what the future has in store for the life of film.

So stay up to date and prepare yourselves for a thrill ride of memory and new moments of enlightenment, as I open your minds to the life of the movies and your state of mind of film today.

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