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film man aidy -> Only God Forgives (7/1/2013 2:30:50 PM)

Very short, poor quality, but ace looking trailer over at Coming Soon. Can't wait for this.

Joserabal -> RE: Only God Forgives (9/1/2013 6:44:56 AM)

I think it is a good Upcoming Movie in 2013.[:'(]

Chronicle -> RE: Only God Forgives (22/5/2013 7:32:36 AM)

First critics are up from the screening in Cannes and it ain't good.. What a shame, I was so looking forward to this film.

UTB -> RE: Only God Forgives (22/5/2013 8:36:06 AM)

Are you sure? They had a technical issue 30 mins in and the film stopped, apparently.

Drew_231 -> RE: Only God Forgives (22/5/2013 8:40:47 AM)

According to my twitter feed, there's a screening happening as we speak
So should start seeing some reactions soon

Rgirvan44 -> RE: Only God Forgives (22/5/2013 3:27:43 PM)

Reactions are all over the place - which makes me happy to be honest.

Drew_231 -> RE: Only God Forgives (22/5/2013 3:52:52 PM)

Apparently Ryan Gosling only has 17 lines in the entire film

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