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Empire Admin -> Three New Posters For The Host (7/1/2013 8:26:50 AM)

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dctuck -> (7/1/2013 8:26:50 AM)

Hmm. Those first two posters look ridiculously Twilight-esque. But then I guess they would really

ravagee -> RE: Three New Posters For The Host (7/1/2013 12:42:39 PM)

I feel bad for the cast and crew of this film. I really wish they wouldn't market it so heavily to do with the Twilight Saga. I know it's by the author but believe me I have read both the Twilight series (I can't even believe they got published, what an awful collection of terrible words) and The Host. The Host is by far a superior book, it's written better, seems more 'adult' and actually has a thrilling tale to be told. Unfortunately I think this film will be let down and trying to please the twit-hard too much and you can tell from these posters.

They should have stuck with the dark look. It would have been much better. :(

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