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horribleives -> The Big Match Revisited (ITV4) (6/1/2013 2:20:48 AM)

I only ever seem to come across this late at night when I'm pissed but it's an absolute fucking joy every time. Man U v West Brom (1978) is on right now. A bit before my time (well, I was less than a year old so - to quote Louis CK - I hadn't quite 'came online' just yet) and it currently stands at 3-3 at half-time but just hearing the theme tune and names like Bailey and Regis is enough to get my nostalgia glands tingling. Marvellous.

horribleives -> RE: The Big Match Revisited (ITV4) (6/1/2013 2:39:15 AM)

I love the way they used to interview the two managers side by side post-match - Ron Atkinson and Dave Sexton going out of their way to be nice to each other and pay tribute to the opposition. Christ, it's like a completely different sport.

horribleives -> RE: The Big Match Revisited (ITV4) (6/1/2013 3:01:54 AM)

I enjoyed that so much I'm gonna roll a massive bifta, go on YouTube and watch a load of '80s FA Cup Finals - Man U V Brighton (1983) and Everton v Watford (1984) here I come.
Remember how awesome the FA Cup final was in the '80s? It was like Christmas Day - the build up (on both channels - though BBC always edged it) went on all day and, aside from the World Cup, it was just about the most exciting afternoon in the football calender. And it didn't even matter who was in it (christ, my team never were) - it was just (if you'll pardon the cliche) magical.
I'm sure it'll have much the same effect on young 'uns nationwide this year when ITV sneak it on at 5 o'clock in just before Britain's Got Talent...

horribleives -> RE: The Big Match Revisited (ITV4) (22/1/2013 4:00:56 PM)

If anyone fancies a laugh, I implore you to check out saturday's episode on ITV player (Arsenal v Forest/Leeds v Man City). The final ten minutes features an interview with Barry Hughes, voted Personality of the Month for blowing a raspberry at another manager (imagine that!) which appeared to generate the same amount of controversy as Fergie punching a linesman would these days. It's quaintly bizarre yet deeply bitter and the closest I've come to shitting a lung out laughing.
Oh and while you're there, have a look at the 'goalkeeping howlers' halfway through - Brian Moore's commentary is pure Partridge.

Professor Moriarty -> RE: The Big Match Revisited (ITV4) (22/1/2013 4:07:09 PM)

Were the goalies wearing gloves? I'm always slightly taken aback when I watch games from the 70s and its bare hands on cold days with those hard footies... ouch. De Gea take note, if you weren't wearing namby pamby gloves, you'd not be pushing the ball out to the opposition.

EDIT: I also make a complete arse of myself for calling for a free kick every time the ball is passed back to the goalie [:D]

horribleives -> RE: The Big Match Revisited (ITV4) (22/1/2013 4:11:33 PM)

Gary Bailey, Pat Jennings, etc - not a glove between them.

horribleives -> RE: The Big Match Revisited (ITV4) (22/1/2013 4:23:48 PM)

Not content with reducing Brian Moore to fits of giggles by taunting managers he has massive grudges against, Hughes was also something of a pop star in his adopted home of Holland:

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