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Loflya -> Jack Reacher (29/12/2012 12:30:06 AM)

No sure what say Lee Child had over the selection of a dwarf to play Jack Reacher - but fellow avid Reacher novel fans and I will not go to see any Jack Reacher films with Tom Cruise playing him. It would destroy the image we have of Reacher and that would be a travesty for such die-hard fans.

rich -> RE: Jack Reacher (29/12/2012 1:25:30 AM)

You tell 'em

SwozTheRevenge -> RE: Jack Reacher (29/12/2012 9:16:06 AM)


vader100 -> RE: Jack Reacher (29/12/2012 9:18:27 AM)

And in other news Daniel Craig is not Bond because he is blonde! [sm=rolleyes10.gif]

Scruffybobby -> RE: Jack Reacher (29/12/2012 10:03:26 AM)

And Hugh Jackman is far too tall to be Wolverine. What were they thinking?

UTB -> RE: Jack Reacher (29/12/2012 12:32:15 PM)

Bit late now innit

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