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Allistair -> Selling the Dream (21/12/2012 11:42:30 AM)

I'd like to put a proposition out there. Accepting that the route to an audience for an indie film is a very hard road to travel and that the studio system has basically a lock out on meaningful theatrical distribution (rather like the music industry once upon a time) is there any interest in setting up one of those affiliate programs where a network of film fans promote & endorse indie movies and in return make commission on sales. This works in just about every other product sector but I've found nothing like it for film. I'd be interested as a film producer of indie movies to know if anyone out there would consider the idea. Obviously a single film isn't going to make a lot of money for anyone but, over time, a portfolio of films could generate good returns. Anyway, just a thought I hope to get feedback on. Thanks[8D]

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