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The Puddled Duck -> Walkouts (16/12/2012 5:15:39 PM)

2nd walkout in as many outings, first Skyfall now The Hobbit, I got to watch The Hobbit 4.10 showing arrived dead on time film didn't start till 4.45 by 6 oclock I was out feeling like I couldn't be bothered carrying on, Skyfall was so bad I also latest only the first hour, TDKR was a near miss of a movie walkout, very poor.

I can't help feeling that I will never watch a film in the cinema again, it's getting silly being in the cinema 2 hrs and only seeing the first part of a movie or the movies just getting dragged out so much the start of them just makes the viewing experience so long winded.

Must be getting old.

elab49 -> RE: Walkouts (16/12/2012 5:38:59 PM)


Welcome to the forums [:)]

For this topic we already have a thread dedicated to films you've walked out of.

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