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Empire Admin -> Garrett Hedlund Back For Tron Sequel (14/12/2012 6:07:18 AM)

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Overmind -> (14/12/2012 6:07:18 AM)

This is great news :)
Disney is now an Empire ruled by geeks. Following the extreme principles of geekdom and nerdism. Great things are to come. Let us all hope for and pray for that Black Hole remake. :)

Gizzer -> Hope this happens! (14/12/2012 9:44:57 AM)

This is great news! The first one had it's flaws, but it looked amazing and it's definitely a world worth revisiting.

I'm looking forward to see what's happening back in the Grid :)

waltham1979 -> Secretly pleased... (14/12/2012 10:10:10 AM)

Neither of the Tron films were perfect; but they have a strange alluring charm to them that means I can't help but like them. Personally I am pleased with this news - hopefully if they can get in The Dude and Daft Punk along with Cillian Murphy being the big bad (which was hinted at in Legacy) it will work.

weekendatbernies -> Key Players Return (14/12/2012 12:43:33 PM)

I have to say I LOVED Claudio Miranda's Cinematography on Legacy. It gave it a real grown up feel, and alongside Daft Punk's score and the spectacular FX, it diminished the impact of the not so tight script. Hoping all of these factors are back in the mix for Legacy 2... Along with Jeff Bridges.

MusicLovesYou -> Hooray! (14/12/2012 2:52:21 PM)

I love both films. And the Daft Punk soundtrack is one of my all time favourite soundtracks. The remix album is really good as well. Great news!

sirvolkar -> Tron (14/12/2012 4:01:05 PM)

Awesome news! Can;t wait for this one. Given his continued link with the franchise in the frankly fantastic animated series, I'm guessing Old Brucey will be back. Although I'd love to see Elijah Wood show up as Beck, even if its only briefly...

oldstuff -> Awesome! (16/12/2012 7:50:00 PM)

The first movie was a glimpse into what movies could do with technology in the future, the 2nd was a deserving sequel which was jaw-dropping in places a lot of the time. Hoping that Joe and the rest of the returning cast can impress again. Flynn Lives!

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