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jackcarter -> Above Suspicion (1995) starring Christopher Reeve (10/12/2012 3:15:57 PM)

made for tv film from either 94 or 95. sort of known for being Reeves final grimly ironic role before his horse riding accident in which he stars as a supercop Dempsey (didnt realise about the pun until after i typed that!) who is shot in a botched raid and the injuries result in him being paralysed from the waist down. anyway you can read the plot on wiki or imdb you dont need me to recite it all

theres an element of Basic Instinct with the gratuitous sex scenes between Dempseys wife (Kim Catrall) and his idiot brother who help cause his injury, along with the whole internal affairs thing with Joe Mantegna investigating etc . there seemed to be a wave of these erotic police thrillers after BI

sad to see Reeve in what mustve been his final role before the accident (unless it was Carpenters Village of the Damned?). Although he was mainly starring in STV stuff like this in the 90s he was still occastionally appearing in big theatrical movies like Remains of the Day(1993). makes you wonder where his career wouldve led had he never got on that horse (big movies in the late 90s/00s like LOTRs/SW prequels? Nolan movies? some of Liam Neesons roles? big tv show like Kim Catrall?). maybe hed might have had abit of a resurgence due to the superhero genre taking off in such a huge way throught the 00s - perhaps even starring as Superman again in Singers 2006 movie like Ford back as Indy?

other points of interest were:
William H Macy - co wrote it and co starred (shortly before Fargo)
Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) - in a supporting role

guess if it had bee a big budget BI type movie released in cinemas in 95 the cast wouldve been something like Liam Neeson (Reeves role), Al Pacino (Joe Mantegna), Sharon Stone (Kim Catrall), William Baldwin (the idiot brother)

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