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Empire Admin -> Now The Oblivion Trailer Has Arrived (9/12/2012 7:38:56 PM)

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simon458 -> Something different? (9/12/2012 7:38:56 PM)

I like the look of it from the trailer. Nice production.

officerMarc -> Love it (9/12/2012 7:52:53 PM)

Tom still got it

jackcarter -> ... (9/12/2012 8:52:56 PM)


stucy -> yeah nice look to it (10/12/2012 9:27:38 AM)

here's hoping

Porter -> That guy's over fifty! (10/12/2012 8:31:54 PM)

How does he keep doing it? He's nearly fifteen years older than me and I look like a relic by comparison. I hate him! Film looks cool, though. Compare this trailer with the Will Smith "After Earth" effort and see how easy it is for the Cruiser to lift a fairly obvious-looking genre piece to new heights. The guy's a legend! I'm still buying his tickets..but not for Rock of Ages.That was awful.

darktrain -> count me in (10/12/2012 10:27:05 PM)

this caught me by surprise and am impressed by the looks fantastic and cruise looks half decent in it..2013 gonna be a good year for sci fi....gravity,elysium,enders game and now this.

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