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pete_traynor -> Oblivion (9/12/2012 10:28:21 AM)

Trailer is up on Apple. As expected, looks lovely from a visual standpoint.

While I rather enjoyed Tron Legacy, I hope the eye candy has a stronger story running underneath this time. Still, looks promising and kore original Sci Fi is always welcome:

Whistler -> RE: Oblivion (9/12/2012 2:25:42 PM)

I actually thought Tron: Legacy had a great story.

max314 -> RE: Oblivion (9/12/2012 4:15:09 PM)


Tron: Legacy is hugely underrated.

rich -> RE: Oblivion (9/12/2012 7:22:16 PM)

I also enjoyed Tron Legacy. This does look very nice though.

jackcarter -> RE: Oblivion (9/12/2012 9:00:08 PM)

WALL•E Tom in Prometheus land wearing Mark Walbergs Planet of the Apes spacesuit and flying about in Trons ship!

Joserabal -> RE: Oblivion (10/12/2012 4:51:14 AM)

Oblivion is an upcoming 2013 science fiction thriller movie and it is based on the Radical Comics novel.......

dolfinack -> RE: Oblivion (14/12/2012 1:08:50 PM)

Hell yea, I'll have some of that.

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