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GaspodeX -> Insane HFR Imax situation from Odeon (30/11/2012 12:07:04 PM)

I'm just so furious that it seems that The BFI Imax in London - one of the two premier UK Imax cinemas - is seemingly being denied (or at least according to the Odeon twitter - the London BFI say they Just don't know) the High Frame Rate IMAX 3D print of the Hobbit - I assume by Odeon.

I can only speculate that as it isn't an Odeon branded cinema they have decided to withhold it and just show it in Manchester.

What a sad sad sad state of affairs from Odeon. I can only assume who ever made this choice lives in Manchester and doesnt give a rats arse about the film, or what its makers/producers want.

Sad and Pathetic are words that come to mind.

*edit* I gather that something like this also happened to London with Skyfall.

It seems that Odeon have merely picked up the BFI so they can run it down in favor of Manchester.


SwozTheRevenge -> RE: Insane HFR Imax situation from Odeon (30/11/2012 4:18:05 PM)

It isn't Odeon-branded but surely they pocket the revenue? Can't think of a possible reason why they would want to miss out on thousands of pounds.

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